Thursdays are for thinking out loud

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

  • I often am a stream of consciousness writer; some of my best posts (at least in my mind) are those where I have no idea what I’m gonna say & then it just seems to flow.

  • People are always posting “would you rather”: would you rather run in the heat or cold? And my answer is really neither! Seriously, who would choose to run on anything but a bright, dry, sunny day at about 60F?</p

  • I didn’t stop coloring my hair because I like it gray. I just can’t be bothered with the upkeep. I tried it – just too time consuming for me. Just call me granny even though I’ll never be a grandma since the only kids I have are fur kids & they’re all fixed.</p

  • Every once in a while I like to have a brownie sundae after a long run & call it lunch. Because chocolate is a superfood, right ?</p

  • I am a morning person, because after all, early to bed, early to rise & all that. So why is it so darn hard to get out the door for an early morning run?</p

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14 thoughts on “Thursdays are for thinking out loud

  1. Chocolate is definitely a superfood and is good any time of day:) I am a morning person too…for some reason its the easiest for me to just get up and go out for a run immediately…if I put it off it only gets harder.


    1. I used to be able to just get up & go, but now it just makes my mornings too crazy. I’ve got to walk the dogs early because one really can’t handle it when it’s warmer (he’s in heart failure but doing ok). I always get it in somehow, some way.


    1. Hopefully third time’s the charm: third blog, first one about running. And stop changing the name of your blog – I lose you every time, which is why I wasn’t commenting on it. I really liked runsalatte – very clever!

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    1. I don’t drink – I was never a big drinker & decided long ago I’d rather eat my calories. Chocolate is a different story, although sadly I eat less & less of (but there’s still chocolate pretty much daily). Could I live without running? I think that could be a good post. 🙂


  2. Hair and nails are a priority for me. I am vain, I guess. It’s not time-consuming since I don’t do it myself but it is expensive. I have to buy fewer running outfits LOL


    1. I’d rather spend my money on clothes, LOL! I don’t think you’re vain – I just march to the beat of my own drummer. But even if someone does it, it’s still time consuming – I’m lucky if I get in for a cut every couple of months – right now I definitely need to do that!


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