Scavenger Run???

I run with USAFit Albany in the summers; this is my fourth year with them (I’m front & center in the black & pink running skirt because I’m one of the shortest people in the group; photo courtesy of USAFit Albany).

We have seminars post run from local businesses on many weeks – today was from a fairly new running store in Saratoga, I Run Local. It was interesting. In a couple of weeks we’ll run up there & then they’ll open the store just for us with a discount. I love to shop, probably a little too much, my husband will tell you.

They also told us about an event coming up this Thursday – a family friendly run/walk scavenger hunt. It sounds like a lot of fun! The weather, however, doesn’t look too good. 50% chance of rain. Hopefully it will change & I can convince my husband it would be fun.

Do you enjoy running in a group? Ever done a running scavenger hunt?


5 thoughts on “Scavenger Run???

  1. They had that scavenger hunt last year but I didn’t want to drive up the Northway in rush hour traffic. I wasn’t impressed with the store – high prices and not much selection. If they are having a more local hunt/run, I’d go.


  2. I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks when they open the store up for us. You were right about the “compression” socks – they’re going back. I got the pillows I needed there, though, so it was good to go. Returning things is always dangerous!


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