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Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is tips for running challenge races. Only I’ve never run a challenge race. So how about some tips about running shoes for new runners? I’ve even got one tip seasoned runners may not know.

  • Go to a specialty running store to get fitted for running shoes. The wrong shoes can lead to aches, pains, even injuries.

  • Go in the afternoon, if possible. Your foot swells during the day, just like your foot swells while running.

  • Expect to pay at least $100.

  • <Expect the salesperson to watch you run before bringing you a selection of shoes to try on.

  • Expect to go up at least 1 shoe size. Be aware that sizes vary from brand to brand, shoe to shoe, even between different versions of the same shoe.

  • If you already have running shoes, bring them with you. The sales clerk should examine them to see how they’re wearing.

  • A good running store allows you to bring back shoes you’ve run if they don’t feel right.

  • I like to rotate between 2 or more pairs of shoes.

  • One of my favorite tips about shoes: tuck the loops underneath your crossed laces near your toes to prevent your shoes from coming untied. I meant to take a photo & totally forgot; sorry!

  • Most running shoes will last you about 350-500 miles. It’s a good idea to track your shoe mileage. You can do that in a lot of tracking apps (apps like Runkeeper, Garmin Express, etc). I have an app called shoedometer on my iPod. I used to be pretty religious about it but I’ve been slacking.

Shoes can make or break a runner. Don’t scrimp. Don’t be lured by pretty colors. Pretty colors are cool; aching legs are not.

What’s your favorite running shoe? I actually ran my last 3 halfs in New Balance 863 that I got on a whim at DSW. Do as I say, not as I do!

Any running shoe tips to add?


11 thoughts on “Running Shoe Tips – Tuesdays on the Run

  1. I love all these tips because they are SO true! My favorite shoe to run in thus far would be Mizunos. I like them so much that I am catching myself wearing them to the gym, for everyday errands, and on my walks. I don’t want to wear them out doing non running activities so this weekend I decided I wanted to get a pair off everyday walking shoes so I can save my running shoes. So for walking, I like the Saucony. I’ve had several pair of those an always ha good luck!


    1. I have one pair of Mizunos (wave rider) & I can’t decide whether or not they bother my hips so I use them for short runs sometimes. I never wear my running shoes to walk in except for trips when I don’t want to bring a bazillion shoes!


  2. Great tips. Right now I have many pairs of Mizunos. I have worn them all in the past. I am thinking of Hokas for my next pair.


    1. I like Brooks a lot, too. Brooks & New Balance are my go-to, but NB tends to be easier to get cheaper, which is part of why I often end up in them. I loved my ghosts but could never get them on sale. I do like the pure line & sometimes I can get them at DSW.


  3. My current favorites (you know me and all my shoes!) are my Newton Fates. Runners up are Saucony Kinvara 5, NB Zante, NB 1400 v2, Brooks Ghost 6, and Brooks Launch 2. My ALL TIME favorite is the Brooks PureFlow 2. I absolutely HATE the 3s, which is what led me to start experimenting with all these other shoes! I’m hoping to try a pair of 4s in the not too distant future.

    Oh, and just important as shoes are socks! The wrong pair of socks can completely ruin a run!

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