New Kicks, new fuel, new running skirt, new pancakes

Newton Ahas Today my USAFit Albany running group was invited to Irun Local in Saratoga. We had great weather for our 5 mile run & then they opened the store just for us & gave us some discounts. It’s a relatively small running store & their selection is small.

I wanted to stop by a different running store to pick up my packet for next week’s Firecracker 4, so I had some time to kill. Besides, it’s been about a year since I got fitted in a running store. I tried on shoes from Pearl Izumi, Under Amour & Newton & finally settled on the Newton Aha’s. Hard to really tell how they work til you’ve run a long run of at least 7 miles in them. I have 30 days; I think my long run might be up to that before then.

Now the question is do I run next week’s race in them?

My breakfast prerun was the double chocolate overnight oatmeal from Jill Conyers, with banana instead of strawberries. Is it wrong that I’ve eaten this 3 times this week? Jill, if you need someone to experiment on, I’d be a willing subject.

Overnight oats are a great prerun breakfast because you can make them up the day – or several days -before. Just grab & eat. Even better in a used nut butter jar, because then you get to mix in a little nut butter.

Fuel for Fire My postrun snack was Fuel for Fire Banana Cocoa. Someone had raved about it & I liked the natural ingredients, but I was not a big fan of the taste. Where’s the chocolate? It did keep me full until I got home, which was several hours after my run. I might have to try some of the other flavors.

Lola is interested, of course.

New Sparkle Skirt

It was a good day for running gear, because the postman brought my new Sparkle Skirt, too. A gift to myself for finishing 2 halfs in May; just a little delayed.

Double chocolate brownie pancakes

Finally I decided to revisit Chocolate Covered Katie’s Double chocolate brownie batter pancakes for lunch. I hadn’t really liked them previously, although I live for some of the other varieties; this time I really enjoyed them, even though I forgot to add the oil! I also subbed pumpkin for the applesauce.

There was a time I always had pancakes before a long run. These days I’m more likely to do them afterwards & opt for something a bit healthier before my run, even though the pancakes I make are pretty healthy; today’s would have been fat free if I hadn’t topped them with nut butter, my preferred pancake topping.

I might have to make them for lunch after my race next week.

What’s your favorite prerun breakfast? Favorite postrun snack? What do you like on pancakes? Sorry if I made you hungry!


15 thoughts on “New Kicks, new fuel, new running skirt, new pancakes

  1. You’re so sweet! Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one that eats the double chocolate oats more than once in a week. I haven’t heard of the new Newtons. I need to check them out. I like greek yogurt with protein powder and nut butter on top of pancakes. Yum!!!

    You should share your fitness journey each week with Fitness Friday 🙂 If you’re interested you can check link up here

    It’s so nice to meet you! Have an awesome weekend.


  2. I wish I had the time to cook but I don’t so I eat packaged oatmeal or cream of wheat. Ice cream is my favorite post race snack – not healthy, I know. I had one pair of Newtons but was wearing them when I broke my foot. Never wore them again. I hope you like yours. My old body, I think, needs a more supportive shoe.


    1. That’s the beauty of overnight oats – fast to prepare & you don’t have to cook them. Ice cream is one of my favorite post race treats, & once in a while pits long run. If we ever run together after our halfs, we should really go up to Saratoga – it’s so pretty there! And it’s sad that we get weight where we don’t want as we age (stomachs) & lose it where we want it (feet!). I have 30 days to test out the Newtons.


      1. Yes, I love Saratoga. Have run quite a few races there in the park and in the town. I was tentatively gong to run one today but decided against it because of the rain. Have Silks n Satins and Great Pumpkin Challenge on my schedule and maybe even Saratoga 5k and Run for the Horses 5k too.


    2. Forgot to mention that I tried some Hokas at Fleetfeet and liked them. They didn’t have the color I wanted but I did order a cheap older model online. We’ll see if the cushioning help make me fast again.


      1. I find I need different type shoes for different type runs. I need more cushioning for longer runs; less for shorter ones. I’m interested in Hokas – which model did you try on? There are 2 $10 off coupons in the firecracker4 packet. 🙂


  3. I ordered an older model of Hoka Bondi because they were cheap. I tried on and liked Hoka Clifton. They are very light but have cushioning. We’ll see. I still plan to wear my Mizunos for training since I have quite a few pairs.


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