That Time of the Month – No, Really, TOM!

I’m linking up with Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home & Holly at HoHo Runs for their new That Time of the Month link up. And I’m channeling Joan Rivers, RIP, whom I saw as a kid in Miami with my parents.

Can we talk? And if you talked to me, at some point I’d probably tell you how annoying it is to me that at 53, I am not post menopausal. In fact, since you’re not post menopausal until you’ve gone 12 months without a period, I will be at least 54, having just had one a few weeks ago.

I know it protects your bones & heart. I know my mom was 56 (but my sister was 51). I suppose I should actually be grateful that it is pretty sporadic, having only had 2 this year so far. But that’s just the problem: I never know when it will strike. And when one is coming on, I tend to gain weight no matter how well I’m eating, but of course I don’t know one is coming on, so I get so frustrated . . . oh, clearly I could go on & on but I’ll spare you.

If I don’t know your number  . . . 

. . . I will not pick up. We do not have unlimited texts, phone, or data. I get calls from numbers I don’t know at the very least several times a month, often more. They tend to go in clusters.

It’s actually bad enough that I never set up my voice mail. People I actually know rarely call my cell.

Group Running

I first signed up for USAFit Albany because I like to run with a group. I like to talk while I run. Yet often I am still running by myself because of my pace. It’s annoying.

Actually, I’ve been lucky this summer that the person I ran with last summer is back & while she’s a little faster than me, she enjoys doing her long runs at my pace & using my run/walk intervals.

Last year she dropped out when she got injured. Crossing my fingers she stays injury free this year. Selfish much?

I think that’s all I’ve got for you this week. Normally I do try not to complain too much, but hey, they asked for it!

Anybody else going through perimenopausal hell like me? What’s annoying you this week?


13 thoughts on “That Time of the Month – No, Really, TOM!

  1. I am just hot. Wake up hot and I get sweaty in strange places. Yes, it is tons of fun, I hear ya! Long run this morning and it was hot. I am bad about answering my cell phone too if I don’t know the #. Happy Saturday!


    1. There is that. Although my skin is pretty crepey! It’s the never knowing when it’s going to strike & the fact that the buildup is slow – I can feel like I’m getting one for an entire month! I’m seriously ready to be done with it.


  2. LOL. My cycle is still like clockwork. Guess I still have a lot to look forward to! Group runs work well if you have someone your own pace, otherwise they are just a hassle.


    1. I know most women on the other side tell me this. I’d still like it to be done. And I know some day it will be. But it’s also strange that most of my friends went through it far, far earlier. Like a decade earlier!


  3. Thanks Judy for being a part of our inaugural link! It’s very much appreciated. I feel like I’ve been sweating about 10 years now but I’m still hanging on. On one hand I don’t want to lose those good ol hormones. On the other…I’m tired of it!!!


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