10 Running Ironies

For an activity that is so simple, running is just chock full of ironies.

  1. I can wake up totally exhausted, but if I’m racing or meeting up with a group to run the exhaustion is replaced by excitement.

  2. I can have a great run and totally have a runner’s high, then come home & in a few hours stiffen up & feel like becoming a total couch potato.

  3. I sometimes feel like I can take on the world after a 10 mile run; sometimes I feel like I have been beaten down by a 3 mile run.

  4. I know that running should be an inexpensive hobby. All you need are some clothes and some running shoes. Right? And if you buy that, I’ve got this swamp in Florida for you.

  5. I took up running to help break through a plateau, but as I have mentioned a time or three, I still struggle to maintain my weight.

  6. I mention something that bothers me & everyone is suddenly a doctor. I do it too. It comes from a place of caring, but can be annoying sometimes when you didn’t ask for advice (and are already doing most of the suggestions).

  7. I want to shout at runners for doing something “wrong” sometimes, then find myself doing the very same thing for a valid reason. We are all on our own journeys.

  8. I can forget that I “get” to run & think that I “have” to run — until an injury sidelines me and then I wish I could run.

  9. I pay more for running shoes than I have ever paid for regular shoes. And I have a real thing for regular shoes.

  10. I have learned a lot about anatomy due to running. You know how people say they do something & discover muscles they never even knew existed? Not only have I discovered them, I’ve discovered their names – I’m talking about you, IT band!


What little running ironies have you noticed?

Thursdays are for thinking out loud


16 thoughts on “10 Running Ironies

  1. Very cute! I think it ia ironic that all day before a run I am excited and motivated to run. Then as soon as I get to the point of changing into running gear I start doubting myself and my running abilities.

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  2. Love these. Here’s mine:

    -When it’s warm, I can’t wait to run in the cooler temps. When it’s cold, I can’t wait for the warm weather. Is there a perfect weather that will make running easier?
    -I hate milk. I never drank it even as a kid but chocolate milk is now what I forward to most after a run.
    -I’ve never been one who cares about what’s in what I eat. Now when I see the word “chia”, “quinoa” or “flax”, I’m tempted to buy it.


    1. Actually, I think about 50 is perfect weather for racing. And I enjoy the freedom of running in a skirt & a tank – as long as the humidity isn’t too high & it’s not too buggy, I enjoy summer running.

      Winter running is probably the only time of year I don’t like because I don’t like winter. And I feel so weighted down in all those layers!

      Glad to see that running is having some healthy effects on you. 🙂


  3. I love this list. So many of them are so accurate and ring true for me. I think one of my biggest is the whole get to run have to run. I find myself dragging looking for every excuse not to do so. I am gonna be slow, I am sore, I am tired. I lace up my shoes and then explode out of the box only to have one of my best runs and then the day is awesome and I am ready for tomorrow to run again. Then I drag and harumph all over again lol.


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