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Commitment! Now that’s an easy one (for me, anyway). You will never get far as a runner without showing up & doing the work; that’s what commitment means to me as a runner.

And I am a committed runner. I find it very hard to miss a planned workout, even when it’s not in my best interest. Clearly, I might need actual commitment (as in an insane asylum).

I keep telling people I’m not a type A person. I can go to bed with a dirty kitchen (kind of the norm around here anyway). I don’t color my hair because the upkeep is just too much for me, even if I feel older sometimes when I look in the mirror.

But miss a workout? NOooooo!

I keep asking myself Why? Why is it so darn hard for me to not stick to my plan (I am getting better at it, by the way, but there’s still vast room for improvement).

I think some of it is that I want to improve so badly. I want an easy run to be a 10 minute mile, not a 13 minute mile. I keep thinking if I just do all the work, it will happen — even though this is clearly not the case for me.

Commitment is about more than showing up and doing the work (although I think that is one of the most important things about running well). It’s also about being committed to your goals.

That commitment keeps me running. I have a big goal: to run a half marathon in every state. It’s what keeps me motivated. Some people can just go out & run 13.1, but I can’t; it’s imperative that I train for it or it is painful (and sometimes painful even IF I train for it, but thankfully more often than not it isn’t painful).

Perhaps one day I will wake up & think I just don’t want to do this anymore. I am no longer feeling committed to run. 4 years into running halfs, though, I still get so excited by each & every one. My commitment to my goal keeps me motivated.

We can all set goals and work hard to be our best. — Jill Saletta

What do you think — am I ready to be committed because of my commitment to running?


20 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. I find this difficult right now. I admire people in the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” brigade. But sometimes things just get in the way for me. This morning, I was supposed to get up and run before the kids woke up, but my daughter woke up early, so I couldn’t run. I have to, on some level, just shrug and decide to do it later instead. Or tomorrow… or just accept that other things happen sometimes. But I understand that thing of wanting a plan and a goal, and it’s great that you’re sticking to it! Yes- maybe one day you won’t want to any more, but until then, go with it… It’s lovely to read about it here, too 🙂


  2. I have a bumper sticker from One More Mile that says “Running is 90% Mental and We Are All Insane.” I am all for commitment, but like Niki said you need to be able to roll with the punches too.

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  3. I love your commitment to running. I have a hard time committing to anything, especially sports. It is always inspiring to me when a person can choose anything and stick with it. Keep it up! And, my kitchen is always a mess!


  4. If you are ready to be committed because of your commitment to running, then I am too. I’d wager most of us runners would be right there with you. I think having an overall goal really helps drive your every day commitment to getting in those workouts, as planned. Remembering the big picture keeps you working at the small things that would otherwise seem insignificant.

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  5. I like to think of myself as selectively type A. I’m type A at work, as a parent, and as a runner. But my house is messy…my refrigerator needs a thorough cleansing…I’m good at letting some things go.

    And no, I don’t think you need to be committed…


  6. One thing I’ve really let go is housework. Meh. I keep it picked up so it looks OK on the surface, but it’s dirty and I don’t care. If I have any time left after training and HAVING FUN, I’d choose yard work over house work any day. I get the need to stick to your plan. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. No asylum necessary.

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  7. It’s good to be committed to a plan as long as you know when not to be – such as injuries & famility stuff. I think you know .

    I’m selectively type A too. Everything looks neat and in place but don’t open any of my closets or my refrigerator – they are a mess.


  8. If you need to be committed because of your commitment to running, then all of your readers probably need to be too! 🙂 I love your goal of running a half in every state! Have you run one in VA yet?

    As always, thanks for linking up!

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