Learning this blogging thing

House cleaning is sedentary
I really love my Garmin Vivoactive. Sure, it has its quirks, but I love that it’s a fitness tracker and GPS all rolled into one (and then some!). So when I discovered that vacuuming the upstairs & making the bed nets me like 300 steps but takes me 30 minutes? Is it any wonder that I hate house cleaning? And would rather be exercising?

Not to mention I hate repetitive chores. The minute you clean something it’s dirty again. It feels that way, anyway.

Not running to the dr
Last Friday, out of the blue, I had a very painful jaw. It kind of felt like a swollen lymph node, but not. I was a bit worried. Swollen lymph nodes are never a good thing. My husband was a bit freaked out & thought I should see a doctor. Probably because I haven’t found a primary care doctor since we moved. 6 years ago. This from the man who hasn’t been to the dentist in like 4 years.

I do go to the dentist regularly and I did finally go to the gynecologist.

Anyway, by Tuesday whatever it was was gone. Weird. And I still feel just fine. Knock on wood.

Blogging for friends
How many blogs do you follow? Just curious. I’m still trying to put names with blogs.

And isn’t it funny how you immediately connect with some people but others it takes some time (or never)?

Or that sometimes you form a picture in your mind of the author – and even though 9 times out of 10 their picture is staring at you right on the blog  –  you still find yourself forming a mental picture of the author because of their post? Then your mental picture doesn’t match the reality and you’re surprised.

Like how movie characters based on a book don’t always match the picture in your mind. Only with blogs it’s silly because their picture is right there, but maybe that’s just me?

Which Ambassadorships are worthwhile?
Do I need to join Fitfluential? Or become a SweatPink Ambassador? I like free stuff as much as the next person, but as H0HoRuns says, I’m a baby blogger. I just see the badges everywhere and wonder if I’m missing out.

Or maybe I need to be a SkirtSports ambassdor? Heck, I’ve been singing their praises since long before I started blogging! Although I really do like Sparkle Skirts too. Not that that stopped me from shopping SkirtSports‘ recent sale. I swear I’m always “running” out of running skirts.

I want to be choosy about that sort of stuff, too. I’d rather have a cleaner page & make sure I’m careful about who I choose to advertise for – but am I missing something here?

Instagram is both fun & creepy
I kind of like Instagram. Even though the Internet is turning us all into flaming narcissists.

I like connecting with other people. But I find it a little creepy when males I don’t know like my photos (unless they’re into running, and even then sometimes . . . )? I mean, it’s not like I’m a Barbie even; at least then you could understand it.

And it’s definitely creepy the amount of people trying to get rich quick there. I can’t imagine they actually are. Who would fall for that?

But of course you can follow me @chocolaterunsjudy if you’re interested in dog & cat pics, food pics, frizzy gray hair after running pics & whatever else catches my fancy.

The oxymoron of Fitness Blogging
If you’ve found a way for blogging to not be sedentary, I’m all ears.

Has anyone else noticed the disconnect about blogging about running 10 miles then sitting for 3 hours blogging about it?

Maybe it’s just me again. I’m by myself a lot if you don’t count the animals so yeah, I get a lot of weird ideas. Like maybe I should finally start that blog . . .

Stupid things I do
Don’t take your contacts out after rubbing an achy leg with menthol balm.

Even if you wash your hands first.

Take my word for it.

How do you feel about Instagram? And what blogging programs should I join?

Thursdays are for thinking out loud


22 thoughts on “Learning this blogging thing

  1. I love every word of this post. Made me smile, made me nod in recognition, made my laugh out loud. Also made me worry. Check out the lymph node, please.

    Housecleaning (also weeding) is a thankless job. I am not lazy, I work hard, but at things that show. Dust is the gods laughing at us.

    I follow a handful of blog about running and cooking. What attracts me is the personality behind them. They need to be engaging. They need to reflect the writer and he/she needs to connect with his/her readers. I need to like the blogger; she/he needs to be real and honest. I want to celebrate their victories with them, but also want them to share their low points. It keeps us all connected.

    This is one of them.

    I find that runners in particular are especially generous, kind, and encouraging.

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    1. I can definitely be lazy. I don’t work & I don’t even want to tell you how long it’s been since I dusted.

      Don’t worry, I am fine. Seriously, whatever it was is gone & I feel fine.

      And thank you for the kind words.


      1. I’m glad you are okay.

        I’ve made an uneasy peace/truce with dust. My sister claims it gives a room character. I’m going with that. I ignore it until I can’t stand it any more. There is so much more I’d rather do.

        Hitting the road again tomorrow after a brief respite. A combination of utter exhaustion and heat have sapped my energy. Tomorrow bodes well. Back to a two miler, and looking forward to the cool of autumn.


      2. It’s definitely quite cool here — I had to wear a jacket to walk the dogs today, although I saw another woman out there in a tank & shorts. I was very glad I had my jacket.

        Good luck tomorrow!


  2. Agree with the narcissists comment 😉 I’m new to this, and started writing about my running just to keep track of things. But I’ve also enjoyed reading other blogs and the connections made. Hope the lymph stuff stays okay…


  3. I hate to clean so I have a cleaning lady. She only comes once a month. I am supposed to clean in between but I only do when I have company. In other words, don’t pay me a surprise visit. As far as blogging, I started the day of my first run and it was to motivate me and keep track of my runs and races. It’s just for me. As you know, I haven’t even told my friends or husband. it is kinda cluttered but I don’t have the time to work on it. I’d rather go out and run.I don’t spend much time on it since I can reuse posts and pics. I find it useful to read reviews of past races and plan my runs for the week. Most of the good perks, I don’t get cuz I don’t have a lot of followers. I don’t try to get more because my blog is really just for me but if others read it and it helps them, so much the better. And I’ve met some great people that’s to it.

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    1. My mom has always had a cleaning lady. Much as i hate to clean, it’s not where I want to spend my money. Even when I worked.

      My blog is both for me & a way to connect with others & hopefully inspire, too. And free stuff would be nice. 😊


  4. What you said about the oxymoron of blogging is so, SO true. I always can’t help but wonder how much more active I’d be if I wasn’t spending so much time on the computer… but then I also can’t imagine my life without blogging. One of these days I seriously need to look into getting a treadmill desk…


  5. This is a great post and has a lot of the same questions I wonder about myself. I sent an email to SkirtSports regarding their ambassador program and I’m waiting to hear back. I’ve went to a couple other sites that I was interested in their ambassador programs, but when I peeked at the applications they wanted to know all kinds of specific information and details about my page hits and followers. I don’t keep track of that sorta stuff :/

    Glad your jaw is all better!!


  6. Have you heard of the treadmill desk? I really really really want one! You just put your laptop on the desk and walk as you type…I’d never try running and typing though as I’d probably trip and die LOL! But it’s a cool idea, since I’m a writer (I write for Elephant Journal and Llewellyn Worldwide and am looking a new places to blog, too) so I sit A LOT which is something I want to change

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    1. You are the second person to mention the treadmill desk. My vivoactive was a lot cheaper & tells me when I’ve been sitting too long. 🙂

      I don’t think I’m coordinated enough to type and walk at the same time – definitely not to type & run!

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  7. I love your blog name! Chocolate runs me too. 😉 And I recently took up running, so even the pun works for me too! I totally agree…you clean something and it’s dirty two seconds later. That’s the reason our floor is always littered with dog toy insides. The second I vacuum, there’s more of it, even if we haven’t bought them new toys in months! I don’t know where it comes from! I follow way too many blogs. I’m a baby blogger too, so I just keep finding more and more as they comment on my blog, or I do link-ups, or whatever else…and now it’s overwhelming! I have to skip reading some each day or I’d never do anything but read blogs!


  8. You are so funny! I agree, repetitive chores, some days the minute I am done, something is back out of sorts…sigh.
    I follow some folks now I really like and usually I get about tow days where I have time to read and post, so you see this is how I roll. I will go back and catch several posts all at once if it is someone I really like to read 🙂
    I haven’t really had many good product offers or free things out of blogging, I started it as a way for me to remember what those early days running were like and it’s kind of turned into e sharing my messy life story somehow lol I don’t I often think I will stop, but then I miss it and post again.
    I am an Instagram fan, I find it easier to keep up with than FB.


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