Half Marathon #11 — Tuesdays on the Run

Today I’m joining Erika @ MCM Mama Runs, April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life! for Tuesdays on the Run, and we’re talking Fall racing schedule.

Mine is kind of empty at the moment.

I enjoy racing, but I don’t do it all that often. I think I’ve done 5 races so far this year: on 3 1/2 miler, one 5 miler, one 4 miler, and two halfs.

There were supposed to be more, but I was pretty sick a couple of times this fall/winter and then there’s this blasted knee. I’ve still been pretty lucky not to DNS anything.Or DNF, for that matter.

I’m working my way towards HM #11, state #9 in October (Green Mountain Half on South Hero Island, VT).

VT’s big marathon is VCM (Vermont City Marathon). While the race doesn’t have a half, you can do a 2 person relay so it’s possible to do a half. Of course you have to get in via lottery these days.

I had thought I’d do it, because everyone raves about this race.

30 years ago, when I was a newlywed, we lived in VT, just outside of Burlington. Quite frankly I hated living in VT – too cold for too long, too small town feel — and was very happy to leave it for TX (a total unknown at the time) in 1992. It’s a great place to visit, though, and I haven’t been back in a couple of decades.

So when I thought about doing a half in VT, I decided that since I only plan to run one there, it should be in the fall. Because VT in the fall is beautiful. Not to mention our anniversary is in October.

I have absolutely no other races on my fall schedule right now. There are a few I’d like to do, but a) I don’t what the knee will do and b) I’m not yet sure what our travel plans are.

I had planned on a 10k this weekend, but having done it last year, I know it’s very hilly. Not a good idea at the moment. Luckily I hadn’t signed up yet, but I did have a reservation at a pet friendly hotel I had to cancel.

I’m sad because:

  1. I was looking forward to a short weekend away
  2. Some people from one of my FB groups will be meeting up there
  3. I really like the 10k distance & there aren’t a lot of 10ks
  4. There was free food – like an actual meal free food

My running group is supposed to have a pool party the same day as the 10k; otherwise I would be tempted to go up and spectate it and meet the people from my group. Don’t you just love meeting new running friends?

Is your Fall racing schedule jam packed? Short or long distances or both?


26 thoughts on “Half Marathon #11 — Tuesdays on the Run

  1. My fall race schedule is not as packed as it used to be (I’ve learned a race almost every other weekend is bad for my IT bands and my wallet). I like both longer and short distances, the 10K is my favorite.

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  2. That’s gotta be tough dealing with a knee injury…I’ve had runner’s knee issues, which is not fun! Vermont sounds awesome for a fall run. I honestly haven’t signed up yet for any of the races I want to do this fall, so I’m going to have some high fees! Hoping to finish the year off strong though!


  3. Oh my goodness, a race in Vermont during the fall sounds HEAVENLY. I was in Burlington a few years ago during the peak of foliage season, and it was GORGEOUS. You must be so excited for that race!!! What an amazing way to celebrate your anniversary, too!!!

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  4. I actually didn’t realize how packed my schedule was until I wrote it out in my post-lol! I have it written down right by my office too.

    I am so sorry you won’t be able to run this weekend.

    Isn’t it funny how areas are bad for living but great for visiting…that is how I feel about Brooklyn.

    Good luck!


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