Slowly recovering: 8/10-16

Too early o'clock
Too early o’clock

At least I hope I’m recovering. My knee felt a lot better this week. Not normal, but much better. I felt twinges about the 10k that wasn’t, but I know it would have been very hard on Chester (such a humid day) and really was the right decision.

Part of why I was bummed is that we were going to take a little mini vacation that weekend. May seems a long time ago now. I have such FOMO seeing all those beach vacation photos.

The good news is that my husband has to take 2 weeks off before the end of the year now.

Today I’m linking up Holly from HohoRuns and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin and their weekly wrap linkup.

  • Monday: Yup, another day off running. very short dog walk because by the time the rain stopped the humidity cranked up (and still had to carry poor Chester on the way back), Core Essentials L2a (moving up!)
  • Tuesday: More speedwork (with the football team training at the track) — went much better this week
  • Wednesday: Core essentials L2a, dog walk
  • Thursday: Tempo run in the neighborhood, started strong, ran out of steam at about the 2 1/2 mile mark but around the same time as last week, dog walk
  • Friday: Dog walk, Core Essentials L2a, Core & hips work, tried to stay off my feet for much of the day
  • Saturday: 9 mile humid, buggy, awesome LSD with running group, rested most of the day
  • Sunday: Hips and knees achy when I woke up but loosened up after a foggy dog walk, made about 8 breakfasts (3 different things & yes, one of those things was cereal), and tried some new ice cream at our favorite place (PB Caramel Cookie Dough — even the dogs got some)

Mileage: 17 (+2 miles)

Almost normal
My knee felt pretty good this week. I don’t think I’m completely back to normal yet, and plan to tape for my tempo run tomorrow, but as I wrote on Facebook yesterday, I woke up this morning and my knee ached, my IT band ached, my hips ached.

I felt so good after my long run yesterday! I did my preventative exercises. I foam rolled. I iced my knee. I never did get around to yoga . . . all weekend . . . but still, I was a good little girl. But as I walked the dogs, instead of tightening up more, I felt everything loosen up.

Then I spent several hours in the afternoon baking. Standing. And totally forgot to ice my knee. And realized that I didn’t notice anything. I did ice it before going to bed.

I don’t think I’m all the way back yet or completely out of the woods and I am entering the height of my training. I’m hoping I will get back to the point where I only tape my knee for really long runs. I pretty much always do that, even if it’s not bothering me, as a precaution — nothing like feeling your knee tighten up at mile 9 of a 12 mile training run. Been there, done that.

What’s your happy place? Anything by the water makes me happy.


34 thoughts on “Slowly recovering: 8/10-16

  1. Glad the knee’s a bit better. Hope it continues to improve. My calves are a bit tight after doing more hills than usual this week, so I’m keeping an eye on them. Am reading about these foam rollers a lot, and thinking I might invest in one. Do you just have a smooth one, or a ridged one? (What’s FOMO?… 🙂 )


  2. Glad your knee is feeling better. My happy pace is on the lake – I am lucky to experience it every weekend during the summer. Will I see you on Wed??


    1. No, it’s going to be too hot that evening & we’re going to have a busy (not so fun) weekend so I don’t need to stress my body out for that. My plan is most likely TM for wed – and speedwork, since I decided to do my tempo today. Sorry!


      1. Oh I forget that you plan your workouts LOL and aren’t Zen like me. I’ll suffer through the heat for the ice cream reward. Maybe it’ll cool down next week.


  3. It is great to hear your knee is improving AND you were able to run 9 miles. That is wonderful news. Just keep being a good little girl and I think you’ll be putting this thing behind you. I think everybody aches a little a day or two after a long run. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. The ice cream sounds delicious as I love caramel flavored anything. ANYTHING associated with the water makes me a happy person. Thanks very much for linking with us today!

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  4. Ahhh Judy my happy place is camping near the lake 😉 I’m so glad your knee is getting better and 9 miles that is great! I think your taking good care of it! Most of my problem isn’t not knowing what to do it’s doing what I know I should, but I’m trying to work on that…. I didn’t catch the phrase “buggy” when I first read your post until I saw the FB comment about swallowing one. I did that last week, eeeek! Thanks again so much for linking up with us this week.


    1. It’s my training; pretty sure it’s not arthritis as most of the time it doesn’t bother me. And I can actually feel the IT band.

      As to what in my training is causing it, there are so many different causes it’s really hard to pinpoint it — running too fast – which I know seems odd since I don’t run fast, hills, running on the same side of the road, shoes (pretty sure that’s not it since it’s getting better), upping mileage too fast (but I’ve kept a close eye on that), not enough rest, skipping foam rolling, or stretching, or ST that targets glutes & hips — the list goes on & on.

      And as I’ve said, I can months & months without a problem. It’s really frustrating.

      The good news is that right now training is going really well & while it’s not back to normal it’s a lot better.


  5. Feeling like you have progress is great 🙂
    High five on the 9 miles, I would love to be able to run that far! I am worried I may never do it again some days. Keep up the hard work 🙂


  6. Even though you don’t feel 100%, I’m glad you’re getting there! I have some random pains this week that are making me take a step back from training and it is so hard. You’re being smart and your body will appreciate it!!

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  7. Injury is not fun. Hang in there ! I ran 25K Saturday and Sunday total, walked all day Monday sightseeing… it was a bit much. Took Tuesday off as a rest day and more sightseeing today… those every day activities can take a toll…. keep icing !


  8. I’ve done speedwork at a track where high school football training was going on in the past – it kind of pumped me up! I’m glad we both had great 9 mile runs on Saturday! 🙂 I hope your knee continues to feel better.

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