One is the loneliest number: 8/17-23 Weekly Wrap

At the track
At the track

This week, on paper, was scary. Hard workouts, solo workouts, steamy weather, potential thunderstorms, and almost no wiggle room to move runs around. But it went great!


Today I’m linking up Holly from HohoRuns and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin and their weekly wrap linkup.

  • Monday: Dog walk, tempo run — humid, buggy, awesome, negative splits if you don’t count the cooldown mile, core
  • Tuesday: Dog walk, Iron Strength (challenging) morning, Dance it Off afternoon
  • Wednesday: Dog walk, Speedwork at the track, Core Essentials L2b + Iron Strength Core
  • Thursday: Dog walk, Iron Strength Core, Yamuna hips, Yoga for Runners Hips
  • Friday: 8 mile LSD – even buggier!, but the thunderstorms held off & the rain ended just before, it went well, then we headed down to my parents to continue help clearing out their house
  • Saturday: Dogwalk, going through crap & up & down stairs, but still barely made it to 10,000 steps
  • Sunday: A couple of dogwalks with Lola (Chester gave us a scare and wasn’t acting himself & was too tired to walk, but seems better today), more going through crap, but less movement & of course the trip home and really tired; barely made it to 5,000 steps but I let it be

Mileage: 16 (-1 miles)

What I saw/heard this week
Apparently I found Forrest Gump on Monday. I swear I saw a dead ringer for him at the bike path.

Then as I was running my speed work on the track with the track with the girl’s soccer team, the coach said to another girl “look at her go! she’s flying”, which I’m pretty sure didn’t refer to me, even though I was in a fast interval, but it still brought a smile to my face.

On Friday, I saw Forrest Gump again! Only this time with a shirt on.Well, apparently same time, same place for him.

IT feeling almost normal but got achy with all the stairs; feeling pretty good today and even though I was tempted to do my easy run today but I know with the return of a double digit run this weekend I’ll already up my weekly mileage by 2 miles (well, maybe, depends how those midweek runs go) and I just know my body needs some rest. So I’ll keep to 3 times running this week and hope to up it to four times next week.

What characters do you see while running?


23 thoughts on “One is the loneliest number: 8/17-23 Weekly Wrap

  1. Haha! I’ve written a post about this somewhere…I see a lot of characters when I run. And a lot of the same characters…there’s the windmill (altho I haven’t seen him for years), the gazelle, the hopper, Miss Smoove, the unfriendly runner, the road hog…just to name a few…oh yes, there are a lot of them!

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  2. Looks like a good week of workouts! Haha, funny you see Forrest Gump. I really enjoy it when I see wildlife on my runs, although the geese can be pretty scary when I run by them. Have a great week!

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  3. I don’t see many movie characters while I’m running, but I see the same people on the running paths. I can’t wait to get outside again, summer’s always tough when I’m stuck on the treadmill. I need to get outside and test my ITB before my 5k in October. I”ll be taped up regardless.


  4. I name all the regular runners I see! Some of them I can’t say. LOL. I’m glad your IT band is acting better. I’m so glad Chester is feeling better today too. Cleaning out your parents home would be pretty stressful, I would imagine. It was for me, anyway, because I had a sibling that was a hoarder. Thanks for linking up with us today! Enjoy your week.


    1. My parents aren’t hoarders, thank God, I can’t even imagine how horrible that would be. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a lot of stuff. They are still living there, btw, but we just decided they would never attack it & if something wasn’t done it would be a total nightmare when they are gone.

      I don’t think I see the same runners all the time, except some in my neighborhood.

      I guess since I don’t work I just squeeze in runs when I can so I don’t always see the same runners.

      This was the first guy that stood out to me!


  5. I only see regulars…. People that I’ve seen at the park for years. It’s nice though, after I took a bit of recovery time after my last marathon, when I finally did make it back, everyone wanted to know where I’d been! And of course I had to tell them!


    1. As I was saying to someone else, I run different at different times and in different places so I don’t really see the same people all the time.

      I’m sure people would give me some sort of nickname based on my colorful outfits!

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  6. Great week, and I am glad Chester is okay. The thought of jumping my mileage in the heat is daunting to me. Good for you for getting it done 😉
    Track work out sounds fun! I have only been on a track one time, can you believe that?
    I always see super tan, I mean like George Hamilton tan, man who walks in the morning lol I have never seen anyone so bronze looking, I keep wondering if he uses lotion??

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  7. Forest Gump, now that is funny! It is fun to see funny things while you are out running, it helps pass the time! I have people in my neighborhood that walk every night holding hands in their work clothes and shoes? It is still 90+ degrees at 5:30, why I wonder?


    1. Wow! I’m such a heavy sweater, even standing still, definitely shorts when walking in hot weather. There used to be this elderly lady in a very long puffer coat walking every day, no matter the weather. Sadly, I no longer see her.


  8. I’m glad Chester is better! It breaks my heart when my animals are not up to par and you can so tell! It looks like you had a great active week Judy! I have names for runners or people on the route too, it’s funny how once they get a name it sticks! Thanks for joining us again the week!


    1. Thanks! Yes, it is hard. Better for him is a relative thing. Actually, when we got there my mom was saying how you’d never know, and then even she commented the difference in him in one day.

      I may have screwed up his meds (he’s on a bunch 3 x day & I make up packets when we travel & one had just changed) or he was just having a bad day, which happens occasionally.

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