How I spent my summer vacation

5 things I did this summer.

That’s what the Friday Five crew, Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run, had for a subject today.

Except we seriously didn’t do anything this summer. Well, nothing super fun anyway. Just the same old, same old, for the most part.

Ran with USAFit Albany
For the fourth year. Yes, you pay to run with this group. And for the last two summers I’ve run with the same woman, off and on. Maybe we’ll get to the point where we run together without the group. But a group makes everything better.

It gets lonely (and cold, and gray, and hard) running here during the winter.


Ran Firecracker4 for the second time
Not my 4 mile PR, but a PR for that particular course (great cool weather really helped). I do love running on holidays. There’s just something so festive about it.


Darlene & I in our Skirtsports
Darlene & I in our Skirtsports
Ran with Darlene Off & On
Darlene from My First 5k & More & I first met in real life n the spring of 2014. This year we began to run together every once in a while. Longer evenings mean more time to run!


Ice cream at Guptils
Ice cream at Guptils
Explored the flavors at Guptils
Guptils is one of our local ice cream  joints. Their ice cream is good, but I think the biggest draw for me is all the flavors. 

As I’ve mentioned, I love to try stuff. I think we’ve gone more than we ever have this year. I still haven’t worked my way through all the new flavors . . . and tomorrow is 10 miles; I’m thinking brownie sundae. 

Went for afternoon tea
For the first time. With a friend. It was really, really good and I have to admit I keep thinking about it. Carb loading at it’s best. 

Is it sad that two of my five things I did this summer revolved around food and the rest is running?

Since we do racecations for me and I don’t enjoy halfs during the summer, not to mention my husband doesn’t like crowds, we tend to be at home in the summer. We had an awesome vacation this winter (3 states in 10 days, although 2 of those were family related but still it got us away from winter) and we are planning some fall trips. But I still get green looking at everyone’s fun times at the beach!

 When is your favorite time to vacation?


23 thoughts on “How I spent my summer vacation

  1. Haha I should have posted something about all the snowballs I’ve been eating this summer. I got completely hooked! Lots of running and food for me too (they kind of go hand in hand though right?) I think your summer sounds marvelous and relaxing!

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  2. Looks like lots of fun was had to me! Yay for seeing Darlene! I missed racing over the fourth of July this year but spending 3 weeks in Europe instead wasn’t too shabby. That said, I think I enjoy vacationing in winter better as the weather here in Chicago leaves MUCH to be desired then.


    1. Oh, the winter vacation was truly awesome. The weather was great. The weather in upstate NY ain’t so great in winter either.

      But winter was a long time ago, ya know?

      3 weeks in Europe would be divine. I’ve never had a 3 week vacation. Probably never will. Having animals makes that hard — well, for us, anyway, we have to pay to have them taken care of & it adds up quickly.


  3. Food and running are great summer highlights šŸ™‚ That ice cream sounds great. We tend to vacation in Fall so no Summer vacations for us either. We’re planning a Caribbean Cruise later this year so I’m sure I’ll get plenty of beach time then.


  4. I think running and food are a great way to spend the summer. I agree that getting away in the winter is terrific although we did really love being able to vacation and run in the Outer Banks in NC this year. Enjoy your next ice cream flavor!

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  5. Brownie sunday ? I’ll be there ! Sounds like a great summer ! So much fun having people to run with. I don’t have anyone I typically run with. Yet !


  6. We like to travel off season. We don’t go as much in the summer because we like to boat and ski around here on the weekends. I also try to keep my back yard feeling like I’m on vacation. But, that requires a lot of work! LOL.

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