Where did August go?: 8/14-30 Weekly Wrap


10 mile reward
10 mile reward
Return of running with others this week! Which you know I love. I was tired after last week’s efforts, but the weather cooled off & I enjoyed another week of good runs. 


Today I’m linking up with Holly from HohoRuns and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin and their weekly wrap linkup.

  • Monday: Dog walk, iron strength abbreviated workout, prevention dance it off
  • Tuesday: Dog walk (we got rained on), core essentials L2c (moving up again), another good speed work sesh at the track
  • Wednesday: Dog walk, Iron Strength Glutes, Rockin’ Body Party Express, 10 Minute Arms
  • Thursday: Dog walk, Core Essentisls L2c, Tempo run with My First 5k & More
  • Friday: Dogwalk, Core Essentials Level2c, Yoga for Athletes Core Routine
  • Saturday: 10 LSD — beautiful cool morning, great company, great run, came home to Chester really struggling, got a new med for him after taking them (and us) for a brownie sundae (don’t worry, the dogs don’t get chocolate & Chester still really enjoys eating).
  • Sunday: Dogwalk (Chester seemed better on new diuretic), some puttering around the kitchen, then massage! It’s been too long, Yoga for Runners Hips

Mileage: 18 (+2 miles)


stretching after refueling with sushi
stretching after refueling with sushi

Last week at 3 x week running?
I will try out running 4 times again this week. I felt perfectly normal after my 10 mile run (disclaimer: both knees were taped for it). I will even try an untaped easy run today. Crossing fingers.

Oddly our schedule calls for only 3 x week next week. I could understand if it were this week, since it was our first double digit run. I guess it’s a cutback week but it just seems really odd to me. I asked the coach about it, but she’s on vacation this week (although she did get back to me and said follow the schedule, basically).

So I’ll try out running 4 x this week, will be cutting back to 3 x next week, and then 4x, then 3x the week after that because it’s our 11 mile run. And my normal running buddies will not be there. One of my friends in the marathon group was worried about her solo 18 mile run this weekend. The person she runs with wasn’t going to be there — and I said she’ll be running the race on her own. And that goes for me, too.

It’s always a good idea to practice conditions as close to your race as possible.

I was surprised how many people in our half group were worried about this 10 miler. Even ones who have run halfs. 

Our plan builds slowly & steadily & it just never even occurred to me to worry about it. 

Do you worry about certain distances, even if you’ve already run them?


30 thoughts on “Where did August go?: 8/14-30 Weekly Wrap

    1. I really don’t usually worry about my long runs. Seriously. I might worry about getting up on time, or having everything together, but not the run. It’s usually such a long, slow progression (in more ways than one) that I always figure it’s just one more mile. And I’ve done it enough times before).

      BTW, to continue what I was writing on your blog, doesn’t look like we’ll be running together again anytime soon.

      Maybe we need to make a yoga date sometime? That will get you some yoga & me the occasional class.


      1. I am very much a beginner. My favorite place to go is HeartSpace on Wed at 5:45 pm but I usually choose to run rather than do yoga.


  1. Glad to hear your knees cooperated for a long run. I am doing the build up slowly plan for half marathon training also with distance. I am trying to work on multiple days on my own…
    Your reward looks perfect me 🙂
    Yes, i am very worried. I keep trying to relax about double digits distances, but it’s been so long. Just praying Sept. will have some decent temps before it ends, that helps me the most.

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  2. No I don’t worry to much about it but if it is more than 5 miles I get nervous! I think a good nervous! sounds like a solid training plan for you- have a great week!

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  3. I’m happy to hear your knees felt fine after 10 miles. That’s fantastic! I’m glad Chester is doing better on his new med. I do stress a little bit about the longer distances, probably more over the weather than anything, and then it turns out OK. I’m a firm believer in testing out race day conditions. And, I always run solo anyway. Good luck with running 4 times this week and thanks for linking up with us.


  4. So glad your knees are better and you had a good running week. You’ll do fine on your 4x this week too.I’m sure my worrying will change with the upcoming long long runs but right now I worry more over the shorter ones because I push myself so hard. Honestly I’d rather do a half at my pace than a 5k pushing the whole time! Thanks again for linking up up with us. I so enjoy reading yours.

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  5. Nice week Judy! Cute doggie too! If it’s been a long time since I’ve run a certain distance, I worry. I try to remember back to the time when a 13 or 15 miler felt like a 5k. Yeah those days are over. Ha!


  6. I would worry about a half since it’s been a few years since I’ve done one. I probably should worry more about the Army 10 Miler in October, but I don’t want to push myself into running too much too soon!


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